Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zürich - city of red traffic lights

Another German holiday and we popped in the car to visit Zürich. The city is located in one and a half hour way from Freiburg, thus, quite affordable distance for a day trip. Although as soon as you reach the city, you find yourself in the never ending traffic jam, caused by the traffic lights. It is simply impossible to drive by car, so we ended up parking it after one hour of standing on each red light in each two meters.
As you all might know, prices in Switzerland are ridiculous. First, that you have to pay for the special allowance for driving on the highway. Parking and lunch was incredibly expensive compared to Germany as well. But that's part of the adventure, so we found it fun to joke about rich  Swiss people, being dressed up in Armani suits and riding their Ferraris.
We spend day on the lake, enjoying sun and gorgeous view.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day trip to Heidelberg

 Due to the loaded schedules, last month Falko and I did not really manage to spend lot time together. So we decided to take advantage of the holiday (Pfingsten), which Germany is celebrating today, even more when I spend past week completely at home, writing report on the Bavarian Bohemian forest management, even though outside sun was shining bright, giving me a very hard time to concentrate.

Honestly, it is always like this.  When I have time to treat myself with eyes cream, sunbathing, or just with a nice walk, weather turns its back on me, but when I am busy, having no time to stick my nose out of the  paperwork, the whole world kind of challenges my persistence.

So, as a result, we went to beautiful Heidelberg today. You might not believe but it was 35°C. Air was so heavy, that it was impossible to breath. I don't know if it was a weather or what, but I felt like home, at least not in Germany. Numerous tourists played a role in this too.

We visited gorgeous castle of Heidelberg, ruins of which are among the most important Renaissance structures north of Alps. Standing there, feels like history is being relived in front of your eyes. We had an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view on the city, simply under the shadow of the trees, looking at blue sky.

Apart from the heat, day was amazing. There is not a better way to spend your free time, rather than with your beloved ones.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A little bit of our choices

Recently many people asked me why I am obsessed with buying bags and generally what is that I find in clothes. Then I got into thinking. It seems others took a deeper thought on this topic, than I have ever done.  Undoubtedly, one should do whatever gives pleasure in his/her life. It can be different things for different people. I know quite lot Georgians being obsessed with owning cars from very early age, some others would collect last cent for travel and adventures, etc. I personally find it fun to dress up, play with colours, match them, follow my mood swings and most importantly take pictures. And sincerely, I don't see one reason why I should not do it. It's not an addiction, it is not wanting to be somebody I am not, it's part of expressing my self in daily life. I do not do this to impress anyone, I do it for my own self and it is so much fun. Instead what I don't understand is why people make big deal out of it and pay so much attention to what others are doing. It's all about choices in life and doing what makes you happy.

As for this post, I love flowers, bags, pictures, sun and today was a good mix of it. Hope you all have lovely week!