Sunday, February 22, 2015

Flashback to paradise called Monaco

Having high fever three day in a row, doing nothing else than drinking lots of liquids and sleeping, you get to a point that pain is there, but you cannot sleep anymore. What can be a better time to finally make a post about the wonderful Monaco holidays, even if it was in past summer?

Monaco is a must see for everyone at least once (and then you may decide yourself if you would love to go back or not);
One thing more: if you feel overdressed in every occasion like I do, that won't happen there. You can never be overdressed in Monaco. This is a place where you can not get full of street-style beauty, demonstrating statement peices,bags, heels and silky dresses. Shortly, fashion paradise. Here are some of my pics

And of course the famous formula 1 track was extra motivation for Falko to visit Monaco.,

Casino de Monte Carlo was used as a set for Casino Royale (2006); So James Bond lovers, here is another attraction for you.

Monday, February 16, 2015

black on black

On these gloomy winter days, all you want to wear is layers,turtlenecks, and all in black. But even black can be a happy color, if you match it up with colorful shoes, and playful jewellery. So, here is my version how to wear black on black, and still look fun!

excuse my bare face. did not really have time to put make up on :D

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fresh start of 2015 in Hamburg

After the blissful christmas holiday in Stralsund, Me and Falko left double loaded (our luggage, which I of course overpacked+gifts) to Hamburg to celebrate new year's evening with friends. As it was first time for me to visit this beautiful city, even though we were all very tired from the night before, we forced ourselves to stand up early and explore the city. Even more, when we were extremely lucky to have sun in the early afternoon. It seems Hamburg is very well known for its rainy and often  unpredictable weather changes. However, as mentioned above, we enjoyed a full day without a drop of rain. Ok, it was quite cold and foggy, but this only adds charm to the winter. 

Suprisingly, lot people were out to enjoy their first day of the year in the city. If sincerely, I expected it to be full of garbage from last night and empty, because one thing that I have learned in Germany is that holidays are holly here: everyone at home. everything closed, streets nearly empty. Shortly, you might feel yourself being like in some weird horror movie. Contrary to that, harbor area was so full, that it was difficult to pass by people. Although, hereby, I should admit that I do not wonder what attracted them to here. Despite the coldness, it was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Furthermore, all tourists want to take a look on the port of Hamburg, which is the second largest port in Europe (After the port of Rotterdam) and if we believe wikipedia, tenth largest worldwide.  
Everything was adding to the festive mood.The brick buildings being decorated for the fest and looking over the Elbe, ravishingly reflected on the water surface. The gorgeous christmas tree still decorated floating on the Elbe, Gl├╝wein and bratwust huts all along the river side, what can one wish more. 

So, hereby I will share with you some pictures of this beautiful day and wish you very happy year ahead. Make it memorable, worthy and happy for you.